Introduction to Statistics, edX MOOC

Introduction to statistics: Descriptive statistics
Introduction to statistics: Probability
Introduction to statistics: Inference

Provider: edX (BerkeleyX)

Name of tutor(s): Adi Adikhari

Perhaps because this was the first MOOC I undertook, or because it was my first contact with statistics, I feel some sort of sentimental attachment to it. (Note that I simply attended the course without being on a certificate track, which eventually proved to be a shame). The three courses used a very well made introduction to the field, conceived for people who didn’t have a strong background in maths, and introducing each topic gradually and explaining it in depth. Explanations and learning materials are outstanding, and the tutor was really available with whoever needed clarification. It included R and python codes for the exercises and a number of practice exercises, and used an online textbook as main reference text.

Unfortunately, the course is no longer active, and there are no signs that it will resume anytime soon – probably because there is a larger demand for practical approaches to statistics, rather than more theoretical courses like this. However all the videos are still available on YouTube, and they can be very helpful for whoever is considering to start to tackle data analysis and would like to have a more in-depth introduction to the theoretical components of statistical thinking.

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