Further update to HQAI score analysis

The results of the audit of three more organizations have been uploaded on HQAI website since the last time I updated this analysis. This is particularly interesting given the size and role of the three organizations, meaning Oxfam International, the British Red Cross and the Danish Red Cross.

In particular, the Oxfam audit is of particular interest, given that it took place in the aftermath of the scandal of last February. On top of this, the results of Oxfam’s assessment seems to be affected by the organizational reshuffle that the organization is going through at global level, which seems to have affected the grades against commitment 9 (management of resources), which results below the mean of other organizations. Where Oxfam stands out is against commitment 4, involvement of the community, where they have one of the strongest performances among the organizations audited.

Apart from this point, the overall peformance of these organizations seems to be in line with what seen so far, with the main issues coming against commitment 5, complaint mechanisms.



The code used for the analysis and the data (originally accessed from HQAI website on 31/7/2018) can be found here.


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