An update

A couple of things have changed since I started this blog a few months ago.

The most relevant thing is that I resolved to take a break – perhaps for good – from the international aid business.

Secondly, for the last few months I have been working on the perhaps less glamorous, surely less paid, but nevertheless oddly satisfactory position of customer service representative. In other words, I work in a call centre (well, a kick-ass one to be sure). It might not sound like a dream job, but it has a couple of features that makes it a really good fit for my present situation:

  1. It pays bills
  2. it is a 9-18 job (more precisely 8.30-17.00); this means that, compared to previous endeavours, I have plenty of free time.

This second feature is particularly relevant because I also went back to Uni and started a distance learning MSc in Information Science at Northumbria University. This means that, at the end of the day, most of the free time is eaten up by studying.

This explains why I haven’t been able to write much since September. I am not sure about how this blog will evolve, for sure I will keep taking an eye on the international aid industry, although I expect the focus to shift to other worlds as well. I have a couple of ideas that I hope I will be able to put in practice, although I don’t expect this to happen soon – at least not until I am done with the first semester exams.

Well, this is it for the moment. Stay tuned to see what will happen next!

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