Who am I?

My name is Francesco, I was born in Italy some thirty years ago.

I am a historian by education. During my studies I focused on how people coped with loss and mourning in the First World War, and how some people from Northern Italy tried to create a nation basically from scratch in the 90s (they failed). If I have learnt anything from my studies, it is that there are and there had been people who acted and thought in ways that leave us taken aback – because to our eyes they look foolish, brave, irrational, criminal, daring, or simply puzzling. All of this came helpful when dealing with people from a cultural background deeply different from mine.

I had been working with aid organizations in South Sudan for about three years. This experience proved enriching and I cannot express how much I learnt from it. This means that there were beautiful and rewarding moments as well as others when I wished to be anywhere else in the world.

I finished my last assignment in South Sudan in summer 2017, and after about one year spent wondering about what to do out of my life, I resolved to go back to study while taking a side job.

I graduated with distinction at the end of 2020 in the MSc in Information Science (Data Analytics) at Northumbria University, which I had attended since 2018. I explained here the reasons of this choice.  At the moment I live and work in Münster, Germany.

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